2nd Place! I’m so excited!

I am so thrilled to have won 2nd Place in the Cityscape Spoonflower Skillshare challenge this week!  Thank you to everyone who voted for me!  You’re the best!

This design is now available in all of your favorite fabric types, gift wrap and wallpaper.  Happy creating, and three cheers for Salt Lake City!!!  I totally want to make a quilt or blanket with this one–just trying to decide between the fabulous Kona Cotton Ultra for a quilt, or soft cozy Minky for a family room snuggly blanket.  Decisions decisions.  So hard to choose between two good things–but this is the fabulous thing about Spoonflower!  You can have my designs printed on ANY kind of fabric that you need–you can customize your order to the exact fabric type you need in the designs that you love.  Now that is project success!  You can check out this fabric on my Spoonflower Shop.

See my Salt Lake City design on my Spoonflower Fabric Shop HERE.

(I love how these samples turned out!)




Salt Lake City

In case you’re interested, here is a list of the buildings and things that are featured in this design:

  1. Mountains and skiiers are iconic to Utah
  2. Olympic games of 2002, and all the great memories and events of that time
  3. The Great Salt Lake–well known for it’s bouyant salty water and the beautiful old Saltair Resort
  4. Antelope Island and wild buffalo
  5. Salt Lake City fairgrounds and a nod to Lagoon amusement park just north of the city
  6. Utah’s Hogle Zoo
  7. Clark Planetarium (there are many science museums)
  8. The State Capitol Building
  9. The beautiful and luxurious Grand America Hotel
  10. The TRAX light rail train
  11. The old Union Pacific railroad station
  12. Temple Square’s Salt Lake City Temple and Tabernacle
  13. The Cathedral of the Madeline
  14. Mountain bikers—because all of Salt Lake City is lined with a gorgeous mountain backdrop of the Wasatch Range of the Rockies, and there are many beautiful hiking and biking trails.
  15. Bees baseball Stadium
  16. Real Salt Lake Soccer Stadium
  17. The Vivent Arena and home of the Utah Jazz basketball team
  18. Seagulls–our state bird and significant to Utah’s pioneer history.  Plus I kinda like the sounds the seagulls make, it makes a person feel like you’re at the ocean…but we’re not.  (The seagulls just like to hang around because of the Great Salt Lake.)
  19. Sweet’s Candy Factory
  20. Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory
  21. Hale Center Theater for performing arts
  22. Capitol Theater and home to Ballet West company
  23. Abravanel Hall, home to the Utah Symphony

There were about a hundred other things I wanted to include, but there’s only so much space. Hopefully this gives you a feel for the fabulous and beautiful Salt Lake City!!!  If you ever get a chance, come visit and see it for yourself. It will take your breath away. 🙂


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