“Becky’s Field” Fabric Collection (& My First-Ever Quilt!)

Introducing my newest fabric collection, “Becky’s Field!”  These designs were inspired by my friend, Becky, her family, and her lovable animals.  This sweet friend of mine does so much good, and I wanted to thank her with a custom quilt made by me–my first ever quilt!  I loved learning how to do this, and I appreciate all the patience of my quilter friends when I asked them a bazillion questions about how to do this.  🙂

You can find the “Becky’s Field” Fabric collection HERE at my Spoonflower Shop.  These designs are available in numerous types of fabric, including kona and organic cottons, jersey, canvas, minky, and many more.  These designs are also available as gift wrap and wallpaper!

Happy making! 🙂




Check out more designs at my Spoonflower Fabric Shop HERE, or click an icon below.



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