Caterpillars & Dandelion Wishes


Spring is here, and I absolutely love being outside! The budding tree blossoms, nests and birds, growing tulips, and sound of laughter from the kids playing–these things make me so happy.  It was about this time, a few years ago, that the idea for my newest book started to bud too.

A few years ago, one of my daughters created a butterfly habitat in our home. Our family watched in awe as many tiny caterpillar eggs grew and transformed into beautiful butterflies.  The experience inspired my creation of “Caterpillars & Dandelion Wishes.”  I sketched out my roughs and dreamed up these cute caterpillars, fireflies, roly polies, and other friendly bugs while sitting under a flowering plum tree.  The tree’s pink blossoms were always on my mind, and this book is bursting with blossoms!  With all the busy technology and things that kids do these days, I wanted to create a sweet little book that reminds them to look with awe and wonder at the beautiful world around us.  Sometimes the most amazing things happen right under our noses.  If we look for it, we can get a little peek at some awesome things happening in our own backyards.  This original illustrated story encourages children to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life, and to marvel at the everyday wonders of nature.

I hope you enjoy my book!  You can find this book in lovely hardbound or Kindle eBook options right HERE on Amazon.  I love Amazon.  Enjoy!

My friend, Sarah, sent me these CUTE pics of her reading my book with her kids. Aren’t these just beautiful! I love this!  Sarah is a talented lady, and has the best health and fitness tips, recipes, and oh so much more on her posts!  She’s incredible, and I definitely have fitness envy with her! 🙂  She is absolutely inspiring and fun to follow.  You can find her HERE on the web, or look for her on instagram with handle @sarahphorne

Here’s just a little peek at what’s inside my book, “Caterpillars & Dandelion Wishes”…

I also have a Caterpillars & Dandelion Wishes print, fresh on the market!  You can find this dreamy design in a variety of fabrics, wallpaper, and gift wrap.  See and shop for it HERE.


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