Introducing my new book!

Perfect for Easter and Springtime reading with your kiddos! My new childrens picture book, “Caterpillars & Dandelion Wishes” is available for purchase in hardbound or ebook!  I had so much fun writing and illustrating this little book, and I’ve dedicated it to my sweet daughter, a girl who is kindred spirits with butterflies.  This story was completely inspired by her.

Peek into the tiny and magnificent world of one of the earth’s most fascinating and adorable creatures…the caterpillar! This playful book gives a close-up view of the journey of two caterpillars as they explore, meet fireflies, roly-polies, and other friends, and grow to become magnificent butterflies.  This timeless story encourages children to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life and to marvel at the everyday wonders of nature.

I hope you enjoy!  This book would be darling in an Easter basket!  Available HERE on Amazon.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside:

And if you just can’t get enough of these cute little caterpillars (like me), I also created a “Sweet Dreams Caterpillars & Fireflies” fabric.  Because I just couldn’t resist.  This repeating pattern is available in fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap at my Spoonflower Shop HERE.



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