Quarantine Quiet Book – Cut-&-Sew Project

Yep, guys I just had to. This pandemic time of life is unusual, and this little project will make a lasting momento of some of our universally shared memories. Plus it will keep the littles busy for bit, and is a fun diversion from all the hard stuff going on. Remember my fabric called “Little Piggies?” It was inspired by the nursery rhyme and the little piggies that stayed home. I made a little Cut-and-Sew Quiet Book about those piggies, because well, I think we can all relate! Hope you enjoy! 😉

You can purchase this Cut-&-Sew project in my Spoonflower Shop HERE or just click on one of the page images to go to my shop. Scroll down for my easy peasy printable sewing instructions. Enjoy this time with your littles!

These little piggies are experts at social distancing. Your kiddos will love this Cut-and-Sew soft book! Remember, this book is designed for a fleece fat quarter. Be sure you have fleece selected in your Spoonflower fabric optiions! Soft and sweet fabric for busy toddlers and quiet books.

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