Spoonflower Challenge: Geodesic

Hi friends,

My design for this week is for the Spoonflower challenge.  The theme is geodesic.  I don’t believe I’ve ever drawn a geodesic design before this week, so this was a very fun challenge for me to stretch my artsy mind!  For this challenge, I decided on artichokes—yes, artichokes.  I may or may not have been craving some at the time–but I just couldn’t get artichokes off my mind.  I love the green color of this tasty vegetable, and also love the pinks that are often seen in the leaves. Wouldn’t this make a fun tea towel?  I actually thought I’d love this as an armchair in my family room too.  For now, be dreaming up some ideas with me. What would you create?

I always value your votes.  I know it takes a few minutes of your time, so I really appreciate the effort!  I am one blessed girl to have you out there rooting for me. If you like my design and you’d like to vote for it, please see the Spoonflower Challenge HERE.  Scroll down to look for my artichoke entry.  The images are randomized for each viewer so they’re in a different spot each time–I know, it’s kind of a pain that way.  I wish there were an easier way to find it–but maybe you could think of it as a little game of “I spy artichokes.”  Maybe?  Okay, that was cheesy.    You really don’t have to do all that searching if it sounds too tedious, but if you do end up scrolling through them, please be sure to click the “submit” button when you find my artichokes.  Thanks so much!  You’re the best!’

BTW, I’d love to have you join me on Instagram!  Find my design page at sarah.treu.illustration. Hope to see you there!