Spoonflower Design Challenge: Tangrams

What is a tangram, you may ask?  I didn’t really know at first either.  I had to look it up and figure it out.  A tangram is basically a type of Chinese puzzle that is a square cut into exactly seven shapes that don’t overlap.  Then you take those seven shapes and make other shapes and pictures with it.  This was a very fun challenge and I loved learning about this interesting puzzle technique.  I first drew a whole bunch of ideas and had fun cutting up shapes to make into different animals.  I finally settled on a fish kite theme and wanted to be consistent with the fish shapes throughout.  I love how the fish shapes kinda become arrow-like shapes.

To soften it up a bit, I added some roundish puppies.  Notice how the square kites are the tangram puzzles that can visually be taken apart to create the fish kite shapes.  Hope you enjoy this!

If you like this and would like to vote for me in the contest, please look for my design HERE on Spoonflower.  The entries are randomized, so you have to scroll through, BUT if you are in a rush and don’t have time to scroll through them all, you could also do this cool tip that my cool brother taught me:

COOL TIP:  Once you go to the contest, scroll all the way to the bottom so that all of the entries will load in your browser.  Once you are at the end of the entries, hit Control F (for PCs) or Command F (for Macs).  This will bring up a search bar in the upper right corner.  Type in sarah_treu.  This will take you directly to my design where you can click SELECT, then scroll down to SUBMIT your vote. Thanks, Phil, for the awesome tip!