Spoonflower Design Challenge: Whimsical Watercolor Fruit

Hi Friends!

If we are what we eat, then be “berry sweet!”  I just wanted to share my design for this week’s Spoonflower design challenge.  I chose to go with the English inside me and be all about desserts and berries.  (Berries are my fave!)  Have you ever had a true English trifle?  I will actually be making one this weekend for my English mum for her Mother’s Day dessert…and I already can’t wait to lick the custard spoon!  Wouldn’t this fabric make the cutest apron and tea towels, or a goodies bag?  –or birthday gift wrap, or a little girl’s summer dress?  The ideas go on and on.  Dream up some yummy project ideas with me–what would you make?  (While you’re dreaming up fabulous ideas, feel free to indulge in a little berry cheesecake or creme brulee–then you will soon be craving episodes of the Great British Baking Show on Netflix, which is a great show to have on while sewing and crafting.  See how berries help with crafting and creativity???  They’re the best!)

Pretty please (with a berry on top) take a minute to vote for my design HERE.  Your votes help so much and I can’t thank you enough!  If you have any trouble, let me know. I so appreciate your time and support, and always love your feedback as well.  Your votes make it possible for me to create more designs, so thank you very, VERY much.

Helpful voting tip: Some people have told me they can’t find my design amid the hundreds of entries.  It can be quite a search, so here’s how to find my design directly if you want to.  Once you go to the contest, scroll all the way to the bottom so that all of the entries will load in your browser.  Once you are at the end of the entries, hit Control F (for PCs) or Command F (for Macs).  This will bring up a search bar in the upper right corner.  Type in sarah_treu.  This will take you directly to my design where you can click SELECT, then be sure to scroll down to click SUBMIT to cast your vote.

There are always so many fun and versatile takes on each challenge by so many amazing artists.  I hope you enjoy seeing so many creative designs out there!  Warning–If you take time to scroll and browse, you may just want to have some berries or apples close by–you’ll be craving fruit!  Mmmm.


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