Spoonflower Design Contest: Mandalas

Hi friends,

This week’s Spoonflower Challenge is Mandalas!  Mandalas are basically a decorative circular design and, oh my goodness, there are so many options for creating mandalas! I am so super impressed by so many of the entries this week.  They are beautiful!

For my design, I chose to play on the circles and created a double circle pattern, so the edges of one set of circles create another set of circles.  Can you see it?

I also chose to use a leafy pattern that I was inspired by on a recent trip to Florida.  I LOVED the beautiful paint-like pattern on these leaves and just couldn’t stop staring at them!




The leaf pattern inspired the tiny patterns in the leaves of my mandalas.  Hope you enjoy this design!

If you like my design and you’d like to vote for it, please see the Spoonflower Challenge HERE.  Scroll down to look for my mandala entry.  The images are randomized for each viewer so they’re in a different spot each time.  Thank you!

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