Tangram Puzzles and How to Make Them


Tangrams and Kites have been on my mind this past week.  I think this weather has something to do with the kiting vibes around here.  Last week was nice and breezy and my hubby came home with some kites for the kids.  A couple of tips you should know when kiting with kids:

Tip #1: If you have littles who just can’t get the hang of flying kites, glue a bunch of long ribbons to an old stick and let them run around with streamers waving behind them in the wind.  They will love it!

Tip #2:  Be sure to fly kites in a larger open area than we did… we now have a permanent souvenir in our tree to remind us of the fun we had that day.  (My daughter sneezed just when a gust of wind blew, she lost her grip, and the kite flew over our house and got stuck in a tree in the backyard. LOL!  Too funny. 🙂

Tip #3:  If you suffer from seasonal allergies, take Clariten before doing activities in a Spring breeze! 🙂




So I’ve also been thinking about tangram puzzles.  Tangram was the theme for the Spoonflower Design Challenge last week.  My kids and I have been having a lot of fun creating tangrams and I thought I’d share what we’ve done with you.  If you like puzzles, try making your own DIY tangrams, or use tangrams a fun kids activity.


A Tangram is defined as a square Chinese puzzle that is cut into exactly 7 geometrical shapes, and it has to include 5 triangles, 1 square, and 1 rhombus shape.  You can make them different sizes, and configure it how you want–but it has to have all those required shapes, nothing more, nothing less.  Once you have those seven shapes in your design, you cut it apart and try to make another shape with it.  Try it out, it’s fun!




My Tangram Design for the Spoonflower Fabric Design Challenge:


My design called “Tangram Kites and Puppies” won 2nd Place in the Spoonflower Design Challenge, and I am super excited!  I love seeing what my fabric inspires you to create as well.  You can find my Tangram Kites and Puppies Fabric Collection HERE.

Wouldn’t this fabric make CUTE kids clothes!











To see more of my custom fabric, visit my Spoonflower Shop HERE!

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