This week’s Spoonflower Design Challenge: Rustic Fall

Oh how I love Fall.  The Autumn crisp air, the colorful changing leaves, hikes with my family, and bike rides with leaves crunching under the tires.  I also am in love with woodland creatures and adore the faces of little fox and owls and squirrells and such.  I absolutely loved working on this theme and, as always, I can picture it in about a bazillion projects.  If you are in need of a cute cozy blanket this fall and plan on making one yourself, Spoonflower has many options of fabric types for quilting, fleece, and minky.  Just choose the design you love, and then choose the fabric type you want it on, the amount of yardage, then purchase with a click, and boom…you have your dream fabric on it’s way.

You can find this fabric and more of my fabrics on my Spoonflower Shop.

In the meantime, feel free to take a second to vote for my design entry this week!  You can vote HERE.

COOL TIP: Here’s how to find my design directly if you want to.  (There are many entries, and sometimes it’s a bit hard to find.)  Once you go to the contest, scroll all the way to the bottom so that all of the entries will load in your browser.  Once you are at the end of the entries, hit Control F (for PCs) or Command F (for Macs).  This will bring up a search bar in the upper right corner.  Type in sarah_treu.  This will take you directly to my design where you can click “SELECT,” then be sure to scroll down to click “SUBMIT” to cast your vote.



Check out more designs at my Spoonflower Fabric Shop HERE, or click an icon below.


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