Hi All, welcome to my site!  I’ve been creating new books and projects, and I thought it would be great to share what I’m doing online–because I love children’s books, I love creating them, and I love, love, love, seeing other people enjoy them too.  (For those of you who remember, I did a similar thing on my old website “AngelStreetMom” years ago before my fourth and fifth children were born.  Now that my kiddos are a little older, I’m anxious to get full-swing back to blogging, writing, and illustrating!)  On my new site I will feature my portfolio, talk about new projects, works in progress, and lots of other creative or crazy stuff.  I’m also on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. New ideas and books are always in the making. I often tend to hide out in my studio working until all hours of the night, so I hope you’ll put up with my occasional attempt to be anti-introverted and share a little (but not too much, because I seriously like my introverted creative alone time).  Be forewarned, I am right-brained, and a mother of five.  I often suffer from mom-nesia (do you forget things too?), laundry-itis (I swear the laundry swells up on its own), and the never fully quenchable need for what I call Vitamin T and N (Trees and Nature).

So here I go…


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    1. Hi Beverley,
      My pet-themed Christmas items were distributed in Target stores worldwide a few years ago, so they are no longer in production and are currently unavailable. Thanks for asking, and I hope you find what you’re looking for. -Sarah

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