This week’s Bucketfeet Aquatic Animals Challenge


This week, the Bucketfeet Challenge fabric theme is Aquatic Animals.  I chose to feature fish and crab. I really fell in love with the colors and textures of these animals.  This was inspired by the time I’ve spent at relatives houses on the west coast of Washington in a small fishing community called Graylands.  It’s a beautiful place where you can always find a fresh catch, look for crabs and clams, and there’s always something to do near or on the water.  Hope you like this repeating pattern–and of course, if you like it well enough to vote for me, I’d sure appreciate it!  Thanks so much!

FYI–I’ve had some feedback from friends who say the image is hard to find on the challenge site.  I’m not sure how to solve that since the images are not in any particular order and are not numbered, and are also randomized for each viewer.  So the best I can do is to let you know that it looks like the image above.  You can get to the challenge by clicking HERE.  If you really take the time to find it and vote for me….bless you. You get mucho kuddos from me!


Meanwhile, I’ve finished the coordinating patterns for my Mountain Animals award-winning fabric, and it will be available in about a week.  I’ll keep you posted.  I can’t wait to share it with you!




3 thoughts on “This week’s Bucketfeet Aquatic Animals Challenge

  1. A way to find your design quickly is by searching the webpage for the phrase “”sarah_true”. The only catch is that the page doesn’t fully load until you get to the bottom, and so you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page, and continue doing so until all the designs have fully loaded (can take a little bit of time). Once fully-loaded, the search should be easy.

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